Public Right of Way Permits


For any homeowner or building contractor considering work that will be performed in, or which will obstruct the Public Right-Of-Way, seek permit applications here or by contacting the Public Works Coordinator at 720-314-5558.

Do I need a Public Right-Of-Way Permit?

Work Needing Permits

Public Works must pre-approve plans before permit is issued, and complete work must pass inspection for:

  • Repairs to public sidewalks
  • Driveway Apron
  • Sewer Repairs which involve alley excavation
  • Gas or water connections which involve street excavation
  • Any other work which will obstruct access in the Public Right-Of-Way

To apply for a Right-Of-Way Permit

  1. Print and complete the following form: Public Right of Way Permit Application
  2. Send the following items to David Nugent via email:
    1. Completed Application
    2. A copy of your contractor’s license, if applicable (from any surrounding municipality)
    3. A copy of your contractor’s proof of Liability insurance
  3. Once the completed items are received by David Nugent via email, a permit will be issued. Payment of fees can be made at Mountain View Town Hall or by calling them at 303-421-7282
  4. When the work is complete or ready for inspection, contact the Public Works Coordinator at 720-314-5558.