Board of Adjustments & Appeals

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The Board of Adjustments and Appeals (BOAA) is a five-member board who determines the most appropriate course of action when property owners request exceptions to Town Code in their building or remodeling projects.

Being on the BOAA is a quasi-judicial role because the BOAA considers evidence during a public hearing and makes determinations about whether or not property owners will be allowed to have exceptions made to the existing Town Code, as it applies to their property and some other limited circumstances.

Members of the BOAA will be given training and guidance for the role before taking on this important volunteer job that is part of the town Charter.

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If you are interested in serving on the BOAA and have been a resident of Mountain View for at least one year, please reach out to the Town Clerk to let us know.

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Current BOAA Members:
Jeff Kiddie, Chair
Christopher J. Swindell, Vice Chair
Melinda Plemel
Cheri Warner
Catherine Colwell