Mediation Program

Drawing of people talking


How does Mediation benefit the community?
Mediation supports an amicable community and promotes the peaceful enjoyment of our Town

How to Apply
Send an email to tell the Town Clerk a little about the situation

Who can participate?
Residents. Property owners and Businesses in Mountain View

What kinds of disputes qualify?
Neightbors, roommates, landlord-tenant disputes & more, If it is not an unresolved code enforcement issue or a police matter, it likely qualifies.

What are the next steps?
The town will ensure both parties qualify and voluntarily agree to participate. After that, a scheduler will reach out to schedule the appointment.

Are there other important details?
Mediation is via zoom at a discounted rate of $59 per party for 2 hours. The first 2 hours are billed to the Town. After that, if the parties wish to continue, they will receive the same discounted rate. Mediation is confidential.

For more information please reach out to Town Clerk Lamanda McLaughlin via email or call (303) 421-7282 Ex. 103