Building Permits


For a homeowner or building contractor considering any new construction or home improvement, seek building code information and permit applications here or by contacting the Mountain View Permit Tech via email.

How do I obtain a Building Permit?
  1. Print and complete and the following forms:
  2. Email the following items:
    • COMPLETED Application
    • "Use Tax Calculation" valuation forms
    • A copy of your contractor's license, if applicable (from any surrounding municipality)
    • A copy of your contractor's proof of Liability Insurance  
  3. Once the following completed items are received by email, they will issue a permit. A hard stock card is given to the applicant.
  4. Applicant MUST POST hard stock card in the front window of the property. The card shows the permitted work being done, and is left for the Building Inspector. It must be visible to those walking by, so please post on the outside with high quality tape.
  5. When the work is complete, and the applicant is ready for the final inspection, call the number on the top of the card. The inspector will take the card when the work is completed satisfactorily.
More Project and Building Permits Information is coming soon