The Town's waste hauler is Summit Waste

How to Dispose of Unused Trash/Recycling Carts

hands tying trash bag


All residential properties are serviced with trash and recycling pick-up automatically. Households can opt into weekly recycling for food and yard waste, as well.


  • Pick-up is on Thursdays between 7am and 7pm.
  • Trash is every week.
  • Recycling is every other week. (See the town calendar for specific dates.)
  • Composting (opt-in) is every week.
  • Click here for the Summit annual calendar, which includes service delays due to holidays.
  • The trash/recycling/composting is all picked up in the alleys for those properties who have alley access. (Those without alley access must bring their carts to the curbs.)


  • Trash and recycling carts are standardized to comply with Summit's requirements, improve service, reduce litter, and create a more unified appearance.
  • Personal carts are not emptied.
  • Town-owned carts are provided free of charge to residents. Each property is provided with a single large, 96-gallon cart for their trash.
  • The carts are Town property and should not be moved without the written permission of the Town.
  • Households that request smaller carts will be provided smaller carts (three sizes are offered.)


  • Please have your carts out by 7am on Trash/Recycling/Compost days.
  • Trash should be contained in secured bags. If you regularly have more trash than fits securely in a single 96-gallon cart, please let the Town know so that you can be provided another cart.
  • If you only occasionally have more trash than fits securely in a single 96-gallon cart, please use the Summit-branded bags for your overflow trash and place it beside your cart in the alley.
  • You can obtain more of the Summit-branded blue bags by reaching out to Public Works or Town Hall. These bags are free to residents, although the Town pays a fee for them.
  • For large or additional item pick-ups (that do not fit into bags), please call Summit directly at (303) 500-1422, and select Otion 1.  The representative will take your payment over the phone.

Please do not bag your recycling.

Please do not bag your compost.

What can and cannot be composted

What can be recycled and how


  • Waste hauler services for trash and recycling are billed quarterly by the Town to property owners.
  • Residential renters who opt-in for compost services will be billed quarterly by the Town.
  • Questions about quarterly billing may be directed to Town Clerk via email or 303-421-7282 Ext. 103


Please reach out to Public Works Coordinator David Nugent via email or 720-314-5558 (via text or call) with any questions about trash/recycling/compost service, requests, or feedback. We always welcome your feedback and are here to serve you!