Records Request Form

Fill out this form to request a public record from the Town. Click here to learn more about the Town Records Policies and Procedures. Click here to download the form and submit it to the Town Clerk in person. 

Affirmation: I understand there may be a charge associated with this public records request I understand the Town will provide an estimate of that charge and I agree to pay a 50% deposit upon receipt of that estimate, if I wish to go forward with my request. I also agree to pay for the final costs before inspection or receipt of the public records. A copy of the Town's public records policy is available above, or by contacting the Court Clerk/Records Manager, Vicki Wilcox at (303) 421-7282, Ext 100, or For a records request subject to the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act, I hereby verify by affixing my legal signature to this form that record(s) I obtain will not be used for direct solicitation of any business for pecuniary (financial) gain pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute § 24-72-305.5.
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